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The first step outside the house of every child truly lands in the school. This is the child’s first window to the outside world experiences; for learning, making friends and having fun with others all by his/her own self. 0 to 6 years being the foundation years of a child’s Pre-school; this is a stage where the child truly sheds his cocoon and learns his first lessons of mingling with the world. It is here that he is made aware of his five senses of touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste which culminates into a whole new world of experiences.

Our Motto

Kids Organization, one of the best pre-schools in Pune understands that these crucial years are rich in imagination and they indeed give the first-hand perspective of everything around. At this stage the mind is truly absorbent; hence at Kids Organization as one of the leading pre-schools in Pune, our motto has always been to enrich the child’s senses by developing cognitive skills at this stage.

There are plenty of pre-schools in pune mushrooming in every corner of the city. Since these are the foundation years for any child, parents need to be extra careful and should do enough research before finalising a school. It has literally become a challenge for parents to choose from the best, especially when there are hordes of such pre-schools present in Pune already. We at Kids Organization have the best interests of every child at our heart. Our extensive experience of 22 years makes our school one of the best pre-schools available in Pune today.