Day Care

Mother away from mother!

Infant day care centre in Pune, as a formal concept, developed around a decade and a half ago owing to the advent of the IT boom and a new generation of working mothers, who had a concern of leaving their kids at a safe, secure and healthy place. Aajol is the first daycare center in Pune to cater infants. Since its inception, it has been a safe, hygienic, and enjoyable space, helping them learn as well as have a great time away from their mother, for the past 20 years.

The first 8 years of a child’s life are the most important, as the brain undergoes rapid growth during these years. Hence, these years play a vital role in the child’s overall development and the skills that he/ she develops at an early age. Children spend most of the time with Aajol and in absence of their parents. While with us, we ensure that their time in Aajol is utilized to empower them with the knowledge and the skills required becoming life-long learners along with becoming responsible and sensible citizens. We have developed a specialized curriculum for all the children including infants. At Aajol, children’s safety is of prime importance and therefore we assure a safe environment for our children. Besides, Aajol strongly believes that emotional safety of the children as well is extremely important, for which we have developed strict rules and policies in order to keep our students safe from any type of abuses.

Psychometric tests of our staff members, regular training, counseling and meditation for the staff are some other unique features of Aajol that make Aajol the top daycare center in Pune.

Special features of AAJOL Day care

  • Dedicated staff and infrastructer for Infant, Toodlers and young children
  • Specially designed brain stimulating program for the infants.
  • Metaculoly planned day wise schedule and monthly curriculum for the toddlers and the young children.
  • Week end activities for the parents to enhance childrens learning at Aajol and help parents spend some quality time with their ward
  • Regular training sessions by our psychologist to ensure effective implementation of the curriculum.
  • Ideal child care taker ratio to meet every individual child’s Physical and Emotional needs.
  • Tasty and nutritious food
  • Child-friendly, safe and cozy infrastructure fostering a homely atmosphere.

The best news for the parents is the Aajol has branch in almost every corner of the sprawling Pune city so that the parents don’t have to run around searching for a Day care. Aajol, the best Day care in Pune and the abode of love and care is here to look after your growing stars.

Corporate Tie ups

In our desire to provide quality care and education to as many children as possible, Aajol has established corporate tie ups. Sounds interesting? Please get in touch Aajol's head office to know more about this!