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The inception of Infant day care happened after considering many factors. With the IT boom and the need for the woman to step out within two months of delivery owing to reduced maternity leaves, the initiation of Infant day centre at Aajol came into being. Aajol is the first child care centre in Pune which caters to three month old infants!


Day Care Center Pune
Other than giving unconditional love and affection to children our motto is to give right inputs at the right age. Our aim is to provide a safe, hygienic, child-friendly and nurturing atmosphere to the children right from infanthood. These sincere efforts make Aajol a totally trustworthy and the best baby day care in Pune.


As compared to any other baby day care centre in Pune, our infant day care centre has special infrastructure dedicated to this age group keeping in mind their special needs. Following are some of the highlights,
  • Very child-friendly.
  • Highly Secure.
  • In-built CC TV cameras for complete vigilance.
  • Compulsory Id cards for parents.
  • Ambience that creates a homely feel.
  • Minute detailing like ceiling decoration and wall painting.
  • Unique colour schemes to make the ambience look cheerful and peaceful.
  • AC in each of the sleeping rooms.

Special Features at our Infant day care centre

  • There are two distinct sections for infant and toddler group.
  • It’s made sure the separate demarcated age groups do not mingle.
  • The teacher and helping staff ratio with the babies and toddlers is maintained as 2:1.
  • Age appropriate excellent branded and creative toys are provided.
  • Specially designed activities by our in-house child psychologist to keep the children engaged creatively.
  • Weekly planning of toys and activities by our psychologist.
  • A developmental report is given to parents after every three months.
  • An audio-visual recording and photographs are also presented to parents so that they don’t miss out on the growing up fun and activities of their children.
  • Most importantly, weekly training sessions for the staff are conducted to maintain a healthy and child-friendly atmosphere.
  • There’s also an isolation room for children with special care at any point of time.
We boast such excellent and specialised services being made available at Aajol and all of the above has made us one of the best baby dare centres in Pune today!