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A playground is a very important part of childhood. However with newer and advanced technologies emerging, there’s hardly any scope for those little feet to ever get a chance to run freely on a playground or indulge in physical exercise that’s extremely essential for their overall development.

Research and child psychologists have been asserting the fact that a good dose of physical activity does wonders to brain development. Children devoid of such activities, stuck to a couch watching TV or playing computer games are missing out on a lot of natural development. However parents working full day have little energy or enthusiasm left to spare another extra hour in the evenings to take their children to a playground or a garden.

In addition, kids’ activities in Pune have been on a decline since quite some time now. Also the number of playgrounds in general in Pune is also scarce. However there aren’t too many kids clubs in Pune to bridge this gap either...Hence in an attempt to emphasize kids’ activities in Pune, we introduced Kids Club. Our main objective has been to inculcate a culture that emphasizes physical activity and love for sports.

Unlike other kids clubs in Pune, we have introduced hill climbing, yoga, jogging, picnics, sports- day etc. other than the standard physical activities.