Toddler activity club In Pune

Preschooler And Toddler activity club

Raising life long skills with conventional, yet innovative activities!

We’ve carefully designed our version of the conventional brain stimulating activities for infants and toddlers. These age appropriate activities, are planned to help children master developmental mile stones.

Features of Toddler Activity Club

  • Direct and indirect methods of teaching social skills
  • Hands on experience and supportive environment for cognitive development.
  • Special efforts to build independence and confidence.
  • Age appropriate, branded and safe toys
  • Detailed developmental reports for infants
  • Many sensorial and motor skills activities in the most enjoyable ways.
  • Other Details :
    Timing : 10 AM to 12 PM, Monday to Friday
    Age Group : 9 months to 2 years

Preschooler Activities Club

This program is designed for keep children engaged after school hours .The main objective of the preschooler activities is to introduce different art forms and empower children with life skills.

Features of preschool actitivities

  • Specially planned indoor gross motor activities by our physical education expert
  • Introduction of different folk dances in India
  • Introduction of theater concept through drama
  • Music and movement
  • Visual arts and drawing
  • Reading and writing skills
  • Introduction of forign languge
  • Intellectual games by our pedagogy expert
  • Other Details : Timing : 4.30PM to 6 PM, Monday to Friday Age Group : 3 years and above