Children of Today Are the Leaders of Tomorrow!

You all might agree to this, bringing children closer to their environment and making them aware of their roles and responsibilities as a citizen is the need of today! We need to teach children to love and care for mother nature. For this, we first need to educate them about the current conditions, what is meant by pollution, which are the different types of pollution. How it can affect their health and the health of our planet!

As we all believe Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. So our main motive is to nurture them in the right direction. So that they can get a motivation to help and develop a better society tomorrow!

To start with this teacher explained them about “What is Pollution?” in simple word just like “Pollution takes up when we make our water, land, and air dirty”. To explain it further teacher explained them causes of pollution with example.

Such as –

Water Pollution

Water gets polluted with cleaners, paints, and chemicals as these are the non-dissolving materials. Teacher showed them dirty and clean water difference.

Dumping chemicals into the ocean can hurt sea creatures. This affects human beings, too. People can get sick when they eat the poisoned fish.

Land Pollution

Many of the things people use every day come in plastics, like food, games, school supplies, and electronics. These packages end up in large underground dumps called landfills. Landfills make land unhealthy for animals and people.

Air Pollution

Trucks, cars, and school buses leak smoky exhaust from their engines. Teachers explained kids how the smoke gets merged in the natural air by raising accelerator of a two wheeler bike.

Educating them in the proper direction will help kids to prepare for future roles. For making them aware about their basic environmental responsibility, teachers conducted the different activity at all Aajol daycare centres in pune, for example, save the fish, chitchat sessions with kids, rally, pledges, tree plantations, use of paper bags etc. There are so many little things that we can do daily to help preserve our planet.

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