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Pune’s Oldest & Best Infant Day Care Centre

Our infant daycare experience exudes opulence and uniqueness.

By choosing us, you ensure your child receives more than just a loving environment; they are enveloped in nurturing care reminiscent of a mother’s embrace. Aajol caters to discerning parents who expect nothing less than the best for their children, assuring their formative years are characterised by the pinnacle of comfort, education, and extraordinary experiences.

Age Group Criteria For Infant Daycare: 3 months to 2 years.

Special Features of Aajol Day Care Centre

Dedicated Staff and Excellent Infrastructure: We have a team of specially trained caregivers and multiple facilities designed to cater to the unique needs of infants and toddlers.

Child-Friendly and Secure Environment: Our premises are designed to create a safe, cosy, and homely atmosphere that assures comfort and security for your child.

Personalized Attention: We maintain an ideal child-to-caregiver ratio to ensure that every child's individual physical and emotional needs are met with attention and care.

Brain-Stimulating Programs: Our specialized programs for infants and toddlers are designed to promote early cognitive development and stimulate their growing minds.

Structured Curriculum: Our professional team has meticulously planned a day-wise schedule and developed a research-based curriculum for toddlers to facilitate their educational journey.

Weekend Activities: We offer weekend activities for parents to engage with their children, enhancing their learning experience and fostering quality bonding time.

Constant Training of staff: Our staff receives regular training sessions by a licensed psychologist to ensure the effective implementation of best daycare strategies making us a professional daycare.

Keeping parents notified: We provide developmental reports every three months, including audio-visual recordings and photographs, so parents won’t miss out on the special moments of their little ones.

Safety Assurance: We maintain strict rules and policies to ensure the safety and well-being of every child under our care.

Psychometric Testing: All staff members undergo psychometric tests to guarantee a safe and nurturing environment.

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