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Kids Club, Toddler Activity Club

The charm for outdoor activities amongst kids is on a constant decline. Today world has made mobile screens and online games more attractive than going out to play. Add to this the impact of rapid urbanization which causes a decline of playgrounds and lessening the incentives for outdoor activities keeping kids mostly confined to their houses. But there is an immense need for kids to have some kind of outdoor play for better health and mental growth.

Keeping this need for outdoor activities in mind, we came up with the Aajol Kids Club. This initiative seeks to increase the outdoor engagement of kids with different kinds of sports and physical activities. These activities inculcate good traits like willpower, endurance, and competitive spirit.

Timing: Contact Nearest Aajol Centre For More Details.

Age Group Criteria For Kids Club: 2 years and above.

Activities We Conduct

Outdoor Games







Experimental Learning

Camp Details

Accommodation: Tents will be made available for the fun sake but children will be accommodated in the enclosed safe hall.

Activities: Visit to ancient temple, jungle walk, bird watching, vegetables plucking, farming activities, bonfire, games.

Staff: All the activities will conducted by our own dedicated Aajol team. Few activities might be outsourced if required but will be supervised by Aajol team.

Food: Morning milk, breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, dinner. Menu will be decided by the Aajol. All the meals served will be simple Maharashtrian food made by locals in the clean, hygienic environment. Quality will be checked and approved by Aajol team.

Transport: Drop off and pick up point will be decided considering most convenient spot for all the students. Children will be taken to the camp site in a tempo traveler.

Pre camp virtual meeting: Meeting link will be sent a few days before the camp.

Admission Procedure: Online form and online payment (Details given below Itinerary section)

Contact Sanika: +91 9890825399
Contact Mangesh: +91 7350508833

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Special Features of Aajol Kids Club

Fun Learning Activities: Engage children in a variety of educational games and activities to make learning enjoyable.

Creative Arts and Crafts: Encourage kids to express their creativity through arts and crafts projects, allowing them to explore their artistic side.

Outdoor Adventures: Organize outdoor activities like nature walks, scavenger hunts, and playground time to keep children active and connected with nature.

Storytime and Reading: Foster a love for books by hosting regular storytime sessions and providing a cosy reading nook for children to explore their imaginations.

Friendship and Social Skills: Promote social interaction and friendship building through group games and team activities.

Healthy Snacks: Ensure that children have access to nutritious snacks and encourage them to make healthy choices.

Seasonal Celebrations: Organize special events and celebrations for holidays, birthdays, and other important occasions to create memorable experiences for the kids.

Music and Dance: Incorporate music and dance into the program to allow children to express themselves through rhythm and movement.