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Bring your child to work (every) day!

In today's dynamic workforce, on-site daycare has become a vital amenity that appeals to employees. Beyond supporting working parents, it fosters gender diversity and cultivates a family-friendly workplace culture. Employers who offer on-site daycare not only retain talent but also create a more inclusive and balanced work environment.

Did you know?

The government in the “Maternity Benefit Act has made it mandatory for employers with 50 or more employees to provide creche facility, either separately or through a common facility.”

Catering to these demands of the corporate world, we are ready with our expertise to offer our daycare services for your organization in the most efficient and cost-friendly way.

Why Aajol?

  1. We are renowned for our world-class service, quality, and child-centric approach
  2. We are highly standardized in our operations and have a trained staff that ensures quality.
  3. Our dedication to ensuring safety makes parents worry-free as they work
  4. We are not just another way-of-the-mill daycare but tend to provide a one-stop solution for both children and parents for all their daycare needs.
  5. We also undertake various initiatives and webinars for working mothers and young working families in our bid to provide more inclusive services for your employees.

There are two ways for you to partner with us :

In Campus Daycare

The Daycare centre will be set up by you, within your premises as per our specifications and we will be responsible only for its operations. The corporate centre will enjoy all flagship Aajol centre benefits and have access to exclusive curriculum, activities and events.

  1. Centres holidays and timings are scheduled according to your organisations’ need
  2. A speedy set-up and execution of the project will be undertaken under existing infrastructure.
  3. Complete support regarding infrastructure, interior and safety measures will be provided.
  1. Corporate will pay actual running costs + Aajol management charges.
  2. Aajol assures complete transparency in costs and will work hand-in-hand with the host organization team to ensure the delivery of services.
Outside Campus Facility

Corporates will set up a full -ledged day care center within the campus as per Aajol specifications and Aajol will be responsible for its operation. By partnering with AAJOL, you can provide a state of the art learning center to your employee’s wards. The Corporate center will be at par with flagship Aajol centers and will have access to all of Aajols exclusive curriculum, activities and events.

An Aajol facility would be set up in the close vicinity of your corporation. Aajol will be completely responsible for its operation and management and provide all the flagship materials for the facility. The majority of seats would be pre-booked for children of your employees.