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Franchise cum Family

``When you join our franchise, you're not just a business owner; you become part of our family!``
Join the dynamic and rapidly expanding Aajol Daycare family as we seek visionary partners to collaborate and thrive in the Daycare Franchise industry.

Why is Daycare a good entrepreneurial endeavour?

  1. Households with both parents going to work keep on increasing
  2. India’s young population is high and keeps on increasing
  3. With urbanization and modernization, nuclear families are on the rise
  4. Due to these factors there is a high demand for professionals to look after the kids.
  5. This results in a wide market for daycare owners.

Now that you know why daycare is a booming industry, what better way to start than to join Aajol?

Why choose Aajol?

  1. Time-tested business model that guarantees high ROI
  2. Comparatively Lower cost of setting up
  3. Constant support for all our franchisees
  4. Specialised curriculum

We go beyond traditional franchising. We are committed to delivering excellence to both our customers and franchise owners. Our curriculum, name, and brand image are synonymous with quality in the market. Partnering with us to open a daycare is a surefire path to success.


What You Need?

Lack experience? No worries. You don't require prior business ownership or specific educational qualifications to own an Aajol Daycare Franchise. Then what do you need besides a passion for entrepreneurship and a love for little children?

Space Requirements
  1.  2 or 3 BHK flats, row houses, or bungalows ideally on the ground, 1st, or 2nd floor, with approximately 1200-1400 sq ft of space. An outdoor play area is optional, with a preference for row houses or bungalows.
  2. If Flat then it should be on the ground floor and preferably not beyond the 1st/2nd floor.
What We Provide?
  1.  The brand identity of Aajol along with guidance to set up the center as per Aajol Standards
  2. A specialized and time-tested curriculum that details activities and teachings for all age groups (5 months to 8 years)
  3. Training for staff and teachers for daycare operations
  4. Our marketing team would also provide support and strategies to promote and market your brand offline as well as online
  5. Guidance from the director on business and professional development
  6. Parenting workshops and various events by the head office team would be also open for parents enrolled at your franchise.
Financials and Other Requirements
  1. The project cost approximately only 10-11 lakhs (*Project cost may vary as per location and property)
How to become a part of Aajol?
  1. Apply for a Franchise with the required documents
  2. After your request is processed by the head office, you will receive approval for a franchise
  3. Franchise owners will have to undergo necessary legality and other required procedures
  4. Aajol will provide support in finalizing the Location and property
  5. Together we would start working on setup and infrastructure
  6. A launching date will be decided mutually
  7. Daycare will be launched