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The best of both worlds!

We've demonstrated that our business model excels in both daycare and preschool services. Now we are offering a unique advantage by combining both of them. Embrace this opportunity for double the benefits. While managing both daycare and preschool might seem daunting, Aajol ensures a seamless and hassle-free business experience.

How is this combo beneficial?

  1. This model offers cost-effectiveness, with 85% of infrastructure and setup costs shared in common.
  2. Since there is a demand for both institutions, you get to offer a complete package to cater to this demand. Making it a profitable deal for parents
  3. Since parents are worried due to the lack of safe transport facilities, they prefer having either institution in close vicinity of each other.
  4. Aajol has been a pioneer in either of these services and has an unparalleled understanding of both industries. Our franchise offering comes with this experience and expertise to help you make the best use of resources. We provide you with all the necessary guidance and help to set up the franchise.

What do you need?

Besides a passion for entrepreneurship and a love for little children,

  1. 2 or 3 BHK flats, row houses, or bungalows ideally on the ground, 1st, or 2nd floor, with approximately 1200-1400 sq ft of space. An outdoor play area is optional, with a preference for row houses or bungalows.”
  2. If Flat then it should be on the ground floor and preferably not beyond the 1st/2nd floor.        
Financials and Other Requirements
  1.  Project cost approximately only 9-10 lakhs
  2. *Project cost may vary as per location and property
It is to be noted that:
  1. The space can be utilized for daycare only after 12.30 pm
  2. Only children above 2 years can be enrolled in this model of franchise
What We Provide:
  1. The brand identity of Aajol along with guidance to set up the center as per brand Standards
  2. A specialised and time-tested curriculum that details activities and teachings for all age groups (2 to 8 years)
  3. Training for staff and teachers for preschool operations
  4. Our marketing team would also provide support and strategies to promote and market your brand offline as well as online
  5. Guidance from the director on business and professional development
  6. Parenting workshops and various events by the head office team would be also open for parents enrolled at your franchise.