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25 Years Celebration


Aajol Carnival

The sound of children rejoicing, little rides going about, cotton candy machines buzzing as everywhere the fragrance of excellent food is present. What do these instances remind you of?

Carnival! The word itself invokes a feeling of joy, colour, laughter and wonder. These are the experiences every kid deserves to have. Kids love carnival, so we at Aajol decided to have one of our one. The Aajol carnival serves as a platform for everyone to come together, have fun and share experiences and happiness with each other.

The Aajol Carnival of 2019 was one of the biggest Aajol events ever. Everyone involved planned meticulously and ensured that the event was memorable for both parents and students. The event was decorated with banners, streamers, balloons, a photo booth and various stalls to make it a festive experience.

We tried to keep the experience as authentic as possible, we made all the decorations and set up all the stalls accordingly.

The event surpassed all expectations and was a huge hit for everyone involved. We owe the success in part to all those who participated for their overwhelming response and support to help make this beautiful event a success.

We thank everyone involved and look forward to having more such events in the future.

Highlights of Carnival Event: Watch Now
Aajol Carnival “Behind the Scenes:  Watch Now

Parent Workshop

As children approach the age of formal schooling, parents often grapple with important questions. They wonder, “Which educational board will best suit my child?” “What can we expect from the curriculum of a particular board?” “Will our child enjoy their learning experience?” These are natural concerns that can leave parents feeling unsure about the right path to choose for their children’s education.

To ease this decision-making process, Aajol has taken the initiative to offer guidance on the various educational boards available, such as ICSE, CBSE, SSC, and more. Knowledgeable speakers will provide an overview of later education, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of different styles of learning. They’ll help you gain insights into the curriculum patterns and educational approaches that can prepare your child for the challenges of the future

Our workshop aims to offer clarity amidst the confusion, empowering parents to make informed decisions and lay a strong foundation for their children’s educational journey.