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Aajol is an experience that every child deserves

Aajol seeks to provide your child with the right type of environment for growth and prepares their base for future challenges.

In our daycares and preschools, we strive to offer a nurturing, home-like setting for your child, emphasizing the crucial role of early childhood development. We understand the challenges of meeting your child’s needs during these formative years in today’s fast-paced world.

Our childcare approach is comprehensive, guaranteeing an exceptional experience at Aajol childcare center, where your child is provided with the necessary tools and environment for holistic growth. 

We at Aajol daycare and pre-school center, do our best to be a family for your family, and we incorporate this philosophy in our operations as well as our business model. Once you become a part of the Aajol family, we ensure to provide you with the most comfortable and homely experience possible without compromising professionalism.

Our History

The beginnings of Aajol can be traced back to the summer of 1983 when Monica Mam first arranged a camp for little kids. Her bond and connection with kids inspired her to pursue the field of Childhood education. What started as a camping experience gave rise to the very first Aajol daycare being set up in Pune. 

Ever since then, for over 35 years Aajol has been consistently pioneering and revolutionising the childhood education landscape. Despite the ever-changing and ever-evolving nature of the education sector, Aajol has managed to stay atop its competition and adapt to the changing environment all while staying true to its core values.

About Director

Monika Kulkarni

Mrs Monika holds a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from New Zealand Tertiary College and is a certified Early Childhood Educator with a Diploma in Child Psychology. Her qualifications include completing both fundamental and advanced Montessori courses, alongside an International Diploma in Teaching from a prestigious institution in Singapore.

What began as a small initiative, has flourished under her guidance and affection, evolving into a distinguished and trusted organization, both in terms of its core philosophy and as a respected brand.

Aajol Leadership

Hemant Kulkarni & Monika Kulkarni

We owe our success and excellence to the excellent leadership of Hemant and Monika Kulkarni. Hemant is an engineer by profession working in the manufacturing industry for 3 decades. His work in engineering however hasn’t held him back from making a significant contribution to Aajol’s Growth as one of its Directors. He works along with Monika to supervise and develop your child’s experience and ensure that it is heading in the right direction.

The two of them are accompanied by an excellent team that shares their passion and rigour for childcare services.  The team consists of __  who work just as meticulously to ensure that we can bring you the very best childcare service.