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Real learning happens in the warmth of Nature

Welcome to Aajols Nature Trail Camp

How often is it that kids ever get to experience learning amidst nature? In today’s world most of the learning occurs either behind a screen or in enclosed walls. we try to present your child with a better alternative. At camp nature trails your child gets a chance to explore and learn within nature while making new friends and memories.

COVID has had a substantial impact on learning, children gained knowledge only through online mediums, and any form of offline interaction was restricted. Now that life is restored to some level of normalcy it is important to introduce kids to older ways of learning. Keeping this in mind Aajol brings you Camp Nature Trails.

The Camp consists of a perfect mix of various kinds of academic, social, and physical activities. It is an attempt to introduce kids to a more nature-driven style of teaching. We ensure the health and safety of your kids and provide an Aajol SOP manual so you are well-informed and at ease when your child is with us.

Accommodation: Tents will be made available for the fun sake but children will be accommodated in the enclosed safe hall.

Activities: Visit an ancient temple, jungle walk, bird watching, vegetable plucking, farming activities, bonfire, and games.

Staff: All the activities will conducted by our own dedicated Aajol team. A few activities might be outsourced if required but will be supervised by the Aajol team.

Food: Morning milk, breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, dinner. The menu will be decided by the Aajol. All the meals served will be simple Maharashtrian food made by locals in a clean, hygienic environment. Quality will be checked and approved by the Aajol team.

Transport: Drop off and pick up points will be decided considering the most convenient spot for all the students. Children will be taken to the campsite in a tempo traveler.

Pre-camp virtual meeting: The meeting link will be sent a few days before the camp.

Admission Procedure: Online form and online payment (Details given below Itinerary section)

Contact Sanika: +91 9890825399
Contact Mangesh: +91 7350508833

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