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Monika Kulkarni

It all started in 1983 when Monika first arranged a simple summer camp marking her association with kids and since then, there’s hasn’t been any looking back! With almost 35 years of priceless experience in teaching and nurturing children through various creative initiatives, Monika certainly deserves to be termed an absolute authority and deemed to be the most creative minds around working towards the overall development of children.

Curriculum Head
Sanika Hengle

Sanika is a true polymath in every sense. She mastered sociology and then went on to get TTC certification. Her love for teaching and kids led her to complete preschool and daycare management courses at the Precious Asian International College, in Singapore. At Aajol, her expertise and talents saw her quickly climb from her initial role in the quality control vertical to overseeing daycare operations across all centres. Beyond this, she plays a pivotal role in shaping Aajol's curriculum, instilling in it innovation and excellence. Ever since she became a member of the Aajol family, she has been a crucial and necessary part of Aajol.

Marketing Head
Mr. Mangesh

Just like other teams, We take great pride in our exceptional marketing team. Initially serving as marketing and franchise manager, Mangesh played a pivotal role in establishing multiple centres across the city. Today, Mangesh oversees our quality audit department, reporting directly to the board, and ensuring the highest standards are upheld. These marketing experts are integral to Aajol's continued success.

Finance & Admin
Mr. Nitin Rahane

Nitin plays a pivotal role at Aajol, holding responsibilities across various departments. As the head of the finance and accounts department, he oversees financial matters with precision. Additionally, Nitin diligently manages the general administrative duties of all Aajol centres, ensuring their smooth operation. He also takes charge of the crucial supply management vertical, maintaining the efficiency of this vital sector.

Curriculum Team

The curriculum of any educational institute reflects its philosophy and provides guidelines for all its activities. For us, it is the architectural framework for all our educational undertakings. Behind-the-scenes architects who help shape this framework are Sanika Hengle and Monika Kulkarni constituting the curriculum team. They take on the crucial role of constantly evaluating and developing the right curriculum. Their strength doesn’t only lie in their skills but also in the fact that they love what they do and the children they do it for.

Main Branch Team

Aajol’s head office in Pune’s Navi Peth is the place where it all began. The very first Aajol operations begin from the Navi Peth branch. The head office team consisting of Mrs. Sumedha, Mrs. Chitra, and Mrs. Pallavi have been Aajol’s active associates ever since its inception. This dedicated team has been working diligently to contribute to Aajol's success and propel it to greater heights. With their accumulated experience and the ability to address various challenges, the head office team ensures that critical issues do not disrupt Aajol's daily operations.

Hemant Kulkarni
Additional Director
Dr. Ankur Kulkarni
Additional Director
Dr. Maithily Pendse
Online Marketing Incharge
Mr.Ketan Jagtap
Admin Head
Rucha Lohokare