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Bon voyage to your child’s educational journey!

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At our preschool, we view education as a captivating adventure, igniting curiosity and nurturing the delight of learning. Our core belief is that school should be an enjoyable experience, a principle that guides the crafting of our curriculum. 

Our unwavering commitment revolves around your child’s all-encompassing development, with an emphasis on research-backed teaching techniques and meticulously designed coursework, ensuring they are well-prepared for a promising future.

Age group Criteria for preschool: 1 1/2 to 3 years

Festivals & Days at Aajol Preschool

Special Features of Aajol Preschool

Enriching Experiential Learning: Our educational approach centres around hands-on experiences and play-based activities, ensuring that every moment is an opportunity for discovery.

Thoughtfully Structured Daily Routine: Our well-planned daily schedule ensures the comprehensive development of our students, with innovative teaching strategies that keep them engaged and excited to learn.

Values at the Heart: We believe in instilling values, and our special activities are tailored to foster a sense of character and morality.

Exploration Beyond the Classroom: Regular field trips, excursions, and visits expand our students' horizons, and we harness technology to enhance their learning experience.

Engaging Events: Our calendar is filled with engaging events like funfairs, educators, and parent workshops, in addition to celebrating various festivals and special days throughout the year, such as Sports Day, Mud Day, Earth Day, and Community Helpers Day.

Transparent Progress Tracking: We maintain a keen eye on your child's development and keep you updated on their progress. At the end of the year, we reward their enthusiasm and active participation with achievement cards.

Celebrating Holistic Growth: Our approach emphasizes experiential learning, play-based activities, and a systematically planned daily schedule to nurture well-rounded development.

Innovative Learning Methods: Our commitment to innovative teaching strategies ensures an engaging and dynamic educational experience for your child.

Cultivating Values: We go beyond academics, incorporating special activities that instil important values and life skills.

Excursions and Technological Enhancement: Our curriculum extends beyond the classroom with a plethora of field trips, excursions, and the optimal use of technology to enrich the learning journey.

Transparent Progress Tracking: We keep a watchful eye on your child's progress and maintain open communication with parents. At the end of the year, we recognize their active participation with achievement cards, celebrating their enthusiasm and growth.

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