Heart to Heart with Children

The beauty of childhood is the innocence of it all. The carefreeness that they experience, never comes back once kids grow up. But, many adults fail to understand that despite being little and simple, children are smart individuals, capable of thinking, feeling, doing and believing. Because of this ability, it is very important to give enough attention to their emotional well-being.

To be heard, to be needed, to be wanted, to be cherished and to be loved are some of the fundamental security needs of human beings. If these needs are unmet during the initial developing years, it can cause lasting effects.

For this very reason, all the trainers and coordinators at Aajol pay a great deal of attention to bonding with the children and making them feel safe. The curriculum developed focuses heavily on increasing the emotional quotient of every child too.

When parents, guardians and relatives have a heart-to-heart with them, they build emotionally rational, strong, sensitive and independent kids! Let’s have a look at the benefits of sitting down with your children –

  1. People always need to talk, and age doesn’t alter that. If you create a space for your kids to open up with you, express their feelings and find comfort in that, their growth will be exponential. When you validate their feelings, however simple or silly, they feel secure with you. That’s what a kid really needs.
  2. They realise that you are their biggest supporter and cheerleader. This will ensure that, as they grow up, they will always come back to you – to confide in you. Your bond will become a lot stronger.
  3. You understand their personality. Your child won’t exactly be like you or your spouse. They have their own independent personality and charm. When you sit down with them, you’ll be able to discover or even uncover this unique one that you’ve created.
  4. You’ll have fun. This is the best one! You’ll be able to laugh with them, exchange stories with them and also plan exciting things with them. Even though they’re too young for the serious stuff, you’ll discover that they’re very smart.
  5. They will learn how to process their emotions in a positive manner. Instead of throwing a temper tantrum or crying endlessly, they will be able to put what they are feeling into words that you understand. This ability is so important as they grow up.
  6. It helps them learn and improve their language. Whether you speak to them in your mother-tongue or if you’re trying to get them to be bilingual, chatting away with them can expedite the process of picking up a language.

Honestly, the list can go on and on.

Developing the practice of connecting with your child will never have any down side. Busy work schedules and different priorities can make this seem like one more thing to do, but it might just end up being the most important one. So, let’s do Bournvita pe charcha?

-Devaki Purohit

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