The Magic of Day-Care Centres!

Love flourishes when everyone in the family is happy, content, relaxed and well-taken-care-of. But with crazy schedules, work-deadlines and social commitments, everyone’s battery gets drained out. To make sure that that doesn’t happen, a little help goes a long way. Parenting in the hardest job in the world, and being in the 21st century doesn’t make it any easier. But luckily, Day-Care Centres have stepped in to lend a helping hand.

Sending your child to a good, well-renowned Day-Care ensures that you get a bit of extra time to complete your chores, finish up deadlines, reset the house and refill your own cup (you can’t pour from an empty cup). When you as parents radiate positivity, your children are going to pick up on them, and how wonderful is that?!

Speaking of children, Day-Care Centres are a great space for them to learn and grow in. They get to develop a whole host of skills even before they embark on their schooling journey. It equips them with real life experiences.

For example, kids get a place to interact with other children their own age. They get to play, talk and explore together. This helps build confidence, communication skills, conflict resolution skills and most importantly – empathy. These are some of the most sought-after aspects in adults, and starting young is a great way to build character.

Apart from this, little tots also get a chance to have a gala time. With tons of games, activities and adventures being planned (and executed) for them at these Centres, life is a joy-ride. The activities conducted not only guarantee fun, they also build hand-eye coordination, develop cognitive functions and polish linguistic skills.

At Aajol, great emphasis is given on building a robust environment for children, parents and guardians alike. Kids absolutely love going to Aajol, spending time with their favourite teachers and coordinators. They have something to look forward to every single day. This also helps build a great routine.

Day-care centres are a God-sent. And Aajol takes that responsibility very seriously, while never forgetting grace and gratitude.

-Devaki Purohit

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