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Rhythms and coregulation

Since the time the baby is born, the most natural rhythm of the breath begins. There onwards, we develop many rhythms such as sleeping and waking, the rhythms of energy/alertness during the wakeful time, rhythms of hunger and thirst and so on. We help our baby co-regulate these rhythms. It is a process which is naturally led by the baby’s needs and pace and is complemented by our help. Rhythms are an inherent part of our life as well as nature. We find rhythms everywhere in nature. Right from the rhythms of days and nights to the rhythms of the carbon cycle. Therefore, nature becomes a great anchor for us and our rhythms too. 

When we struggle with any of our baby’s rhythms, making contact with nature can be of great help. We can make morning sun, outdoor walks, interacting with plants etc. a part of our baby’s routine. When we connect with nature and help our baby connect with nature, we essentially open up a powerful tool for life for our baby.


Observe your baby’s rhythms- sleep and wakefulness, alertness and energy while awake, hunger and thirst, feeding patterns and so on.

Ask yourself, how can I establish contact with nature and build it into the baby’s routine?

Observe any effects this has on your baby’s rhythms.

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