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Singing actions

Rhythm is inherent in nature. Us being a part of that very nature, rhythms are also essential for us. For babies, one of the things that naturally occurs from early on is that they establish some fluid rhythms in their life, may it be around food, sleep, wakefulness or engagement with the parent. Rhythm is also inherent in music because of which music becomes a powerful tool to connect with our baby and to help the baby connect with the daily routines and actions.

When the baby interacts with a parent or a caregiver, the baby’s gaze meets the parents’/caregiver’s and there’s a connection. If the parent keeps the connection going without breaking eye contact, the baby eventually does break it only to establish it again after a while. This process along with its beautiful natural rhythm is more essential than we can imagine for the baby’s development. 

Music proves to be a powerful tool to aid this process.

Imagine changing your baby’s diaper/clothes. Imagine singing about every action while performing that very action. The rhythm, the eye contact, the expressions, the words, the tune, everything becomes a rich package for the baby to learn so many things. The rhythm and tune engage the child, the eye contact establishes an essential connection, the expressions and words teach about body language and language and so on.


Pick a simple tune that naturally comes to you.

Sing everything that you do to your child while you do it. (right from ‘now I am pulling out your arm from the t-shirt…)

As you go on, evolve the tune and rhythm based on what your child enjoys. You can also add some fun words going forward.

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