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Wooing our child

One thing most of us struggle to feel in our hearts is that “I am special/valuable/precious”. It is one or the other form of “I matter.”

Remember or imagine a time when you have really liked a person, may it be a friend, a romantic prospect, a teacher, a parent, or anyone. Think of all the things you have felt like doing or have done or have thought about to make them feel special or loved or valued. Think of all the things that others have done or can do to make you feel really special, to woo you. Remember or imagine the feeling that someone loves you, adores you, values you, looks forward to being with you so much.

We need to create all that for our children. We need to woo our children. Of course when it comes to boundaries, we need to hold them compassionately, gently and firmly. Of course when it comes to values, we need to embody them firmly for our children to emulate. But when it comes to the rest of the life, we need to woo our children, sweep them off their feet with the feeling that they are absolutely lovable and special and valuable and their presence is to be cherished.

Imagine your child going through life with that knowingness!


Think of all the words you can use to woo your child.

Think of all the actions you can make to woo your child.

Make sure you do at least one of them each and every day.

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